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Start up cost - only requires a telephone and wall connection; does not require a high speed internet connection; computer; special phone or additional equipment.


• Allows you to call anyone that has an available phone number.


Easy send and receive faxes.


Secure - are very difficult for people to listen to your conversation.


• Provide directory assistance and traditional or physical telephone directories.


Availability - Traditional phone service is generally available anywhere phone lines exist. Since VoIP is relatively inexpensive, some countries in the Middle East and else where are placing restrictions on its use.


Emergency calls - traditional phone services generally route 9-1-1 calls to a local emergency dispatch center nearest you. This is not always the case when using VoIP based services. The U.S. Government has set a deadline for VoIP carriers to provide a similar method for routing 9-1-1 calls but VoIP companies are appealing the date.


Cost - Traditional phone services can be very expensive compared to other services.

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