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Types Of Lawyers


Criminal - If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, make sure your lawyer is a criminal lawyer with succesful trial experience. Criiminal charges against you can be serious and may cost you your job, family and life.


A criminal lawyer should explain to you how the state's evidence will be used against you and what the state has to prove to decide whether you are guilty or not guilty. If you are charged with a crime, the lawyer should explain your possible punishment if you are guilty.


If you do not understand what your lawyer is telling you, do not say that you do. Ask him to explain things in a way you can understand. Remember, criminal charges are very serious.


Check to see  wether the lawyer you are thinking of hiring is in the NBTA Directory (National Bar Trial Agency) or the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.


Immigration - Make sure your lawyer is experienced in immigration and is familiar with changes in immigration laws. Immigration lawyers may set an exact fee, but some cases are more difficult than others. If you don't give your lawyer all your information, documents and history at the first meeting, he may have to charge you more money later.


Immigration status questions take time because your lawyer is dealing with government. Don't bother your lawyer by calling him all the time. Arrange to speak to him by phone or in his office at scheduled times.


Personal Injury (PI) - Serious injury, workers compensation injuries, disability or death are the speciality of personal injury lawyerA personal injury lawyer will try to get you money to cover medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for you or your family's pain and suffering


A Personal Injury lawyer (PI) should be familiar with dealing with insurance companies and be willing to go to trial for you. Personal injury (PI) lawyers usually charge 1/3 of your settlement plus any additional fees required. Ninety-eight percent of cases are dismissed or settled before they go to trial.


Workers Compensation Injuries are injuries that generally happen on the job. If your injury happens on the job, find a personal injury (PI) lawyer who specializes in workers compensation or a lawyer who specializes in labor.

Family - Domestic violence, Divorce, Adoptions, Child Custody and Support are things that a family lawyer will specialize in. Make sure your lawyer will fight for you, because these kinds of problems are very stressful. Check to see wether your lawyer is a member of the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.


  Labor - A labor lawyer is someone who specializes in labor or worker rights problems. Federal and state governments have set up rules that employers must follow so that a worker's rights are maintained.


A labor lawyer should be able to handle cases involving harassment, discrimination, workplace rights, disabilities, employee's rights, and should have trial experience.



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