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Questions To Ask A Lawyer


• Your first visit to a lawyer is usually free. Ask your lawyer if this is their policy.


!!! Be prepared !!!. Have all your documents with you and make a list of questions about your case and questions you want to ask the lawyer.


What are the lawyer's billing practices? Does he bill by the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour,etc.?


• Ask for individual rates for each person (paralegal, other lawyer) who may work on your file or case.


• When you hire a lawyer, ask for a written agreement or "engagement letter" that tells you his billing practices in writing.


Get a written estimate on your case.


• Ask for a monthly bill listing the work the lawyer has completed and how many hours he is charging you for. This way you will never be surprised.


• If the lawyer wants a deposit or "retainer", make sure your money will be used and any unused money returned to you.


Always interview more than one lawyer.


• Make sure you always get everything in writing. This will avoid confusion later on.


• Ask whether the lawyer you are speaking with is the lawyer who will work on your case.


• Always ask your lawyer to give you a copy of your work and documents he has filed for you. This way you know the work has been completed.


If a lawyer gives you a guarantee on something (for example, getting you a green card), always ask for that guarantee in writing. If the lawyer is not willing to do this, then there is no guarantee.



Check back often for new information.


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