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How to Choose A Lawyer


When choosing a lawyer,take the time to learn about your lawyer's history. If the lawyer you are considering has a Web site, go there and view his background. If he does not have a Web site, go to a search engine like Google and search his name. If a lawyer does not have a Web site it does not mean that he may not be the lawyer for you.


Try to find other people who have used the lawyer and talk to them about the lawyer. Remember, their situation or lack of being prepared may affect their opinion. Everyone has an opinion, so take that into consideration. They may have asked the lawyer to do something impossible. Check the American Bar Association or individual state Bar Association to see the lawyer's record.


Do not let your personal taste affect what lawyer you choose. Personal taste means the way a lawyer dresses, his native language, his cultural background, or the physical appearance of his office.


Choosing a lawyer is never an easy decision. Really it is no different than choosing a plumber or mechanic. The more information you provide at the first meeting, the more the lawyer knows about your case. You do not just tell a mechanic that your car does not run, because he will check a million things before he finds the problem. You tell the mechanic things that happened before the car stopped running. The same is true for interviewing a lawyer.


!!! BE PREPARED !!!. Write down all your personal history and information before visting a lawyer. When you share this information with a lawyer, he cannot disclose this information to anyone. Doing this is against the law. After you have chosen a lawyer he cannot threaten you if you no longer wish to use his service. He cannot report you to the USCIS (formerly the INS) or any other government agency. Do not hide information from the lawyer. This will only create problems later.


• Ask the lawyer about his continuing legal education.
• Paying a lot of money is no guarantee that an attorney will do a good job.
• Look for a lawyer certificate on the wall or ask him to show it to you. Make sure it has the name of the lawyer you are 
speaking to.
• Always ask whether the lawyer you are considering to handle your case carries legal malpractice insurance.
• Remember that phone books, newspapers, radio shows, etc. maybe paid advertising by the attorney and only his opinion of himself.
• Visit the Martindale Hubbel Web site and see wether your lawyer is on the Bar Register of Pre-eminent Lawyers in the U.S.
Ask your lawyer wether he has had any articles published and where they can be found.
If a lawyer tells you he has "connections" in the legal system who can take care of your problems, it is not true. Everyone likes to believe this is true only because they want to believe it.
Ask your lawyer what legal association he belongs to or wether he is listed in any of the legal associations mentioned on this Website.
It is advisable to interview more than one lawyer.


Check back often for new information.


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