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Sex, Lies and Videotape:


Reddit,YouTube and Social Medias Effect On The Presidential Elections and the First Amendment



The internet has changed everything and it’s doubtful that political campaigns and presidential elections will ever be the same.


• ”Hilary Clinton Tasers Obamas Mistress in the Backside While under Blackwater Supervision  Mike Huckabee Waterboards a Naked Ted Kennedy at Guantanamo” Would any respectable newspaper print a headline like that?  Social media websites like Reddit, Digg and others offer up titles and headlines like this daily and the First Amendment says its alright. 


• According to a survey done by SSK and Advertising Age of 2,000 New Hampshire voters, 40% visited a candidates website and 25% viewed a candidates profile on a social network.

  • • Todays youth are the voters of tomorrow and political campaign managers need to pay serious attention to their media viewing habits.


• For people under 30, visiting a candidates website was the number one method used to find campaign information.

  • • 52% of voters under 30 visited a candidates wbesite, 43% visited a candidates blog, 36% viewed a candidates profile on a social network, 37% signed up for text or email updates and 24% watched a candidates video on YouTube or other web sources.


• Two words sum up how the internet and YouTube have changed the way political candidates will be viewed in future, “Obama Girl”. Can you imagine seeing a Richard Nixon or Jimmy Carter Girl on Network Television?

  • • If not for the internet most people would not know who Ron Paul is.


  • • Because of the internet many people wish they had never heard of Ron Paul.


  • • Crooks and Liars is one of many websites with outrageous names. If you would not buy a car from an auto dealership with a name like Crooks and Liars why would you believe the information published on websites with names like this?


  • • Internet users have a tendency to disregard mainstream media and network news.  Many feel that “big money and “capitalist fat cats” control the content that appears on traditional news providers. The internet gives voters access to alternative news articles and resources.


  • • More information means more misinformation. NBC, ABC or other mainstream media companies could never report an unsubstantiated story about an extramarital affair involving John McCain or Barack Obama but some little known blogger can.


  • • The chance for a successful presidential campaign by an independent or third party candidate has greatly increased. The internet has lowered the costs associated with getting the voting publics attention. Put up a website, hire a few bloggers and any political candidate can get his message across to millions of potential voters.


• The internet provides a level playing field for all presidential and political parties. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and others no longer strictly rely on major newspapers and network television.


  • • Voters are more informed than ever before. The amount of information available on presidential candidates enables voters to make more informed choices.


Ultimately all these factors should result in the most qualified presidential candidate ending up in the White House.


If people are unhappy with the performance of our next president they can always blame it on the internet.



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