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My cousin is helping me to write this letter. This is the seventh time I come to USA. I’m from Tampico in Tamaulipas and is easy for me to cross the border without being noticed. But this time things are getting very tough cause immigration is working harder now. So I guess I’m not going to cross the border this Christmas, maybe I won’t be able to come back. The point is that now I see things changing around me, like Americans looking at me with weird eyes, like I’m not nice to them anymore. It’s bad because in the past years wherever I went in this country, everybody was like they liked me, many people used to smile to me and on the stores they were making jokes because of the way I was talking to them, I know they were not mocking me, just being nice and trying to make me speak a better language. Today I hear about things that happen and I don’t like, and I just want to live here and have a family and a future for my sons. In my country politicians don’t care about the people, here is better. I’m waiting for the immigration reform to get my papers, and I know I’ll get them, but is hard, very. I’m a hard worker and I know I can do a lot for this country. If we stay together we’ll make it!!!. Si se puede!!!!, of course. Once you know that maybe you won’t be able to comeback, you start appreciating more what you have. This is the place I want to live and die for, you know guys, just hang in there because I know God is going to helps us all. In the meanwhile I’m lucky cause I’m still able to have the food of my country, that I sure love, and I can enjoy of the love and caring of my relatives, that eases up my life. One day I know I’ll get my mother with me to take care of her. All I want is chance for a simple life with my loved ones. And one last thought: You don’t have to jump over fences when you know how to dig a hole......! See you around!!.

San Diego , CA
I love baseball, America’s National sport. Growing up in the Dominican Republic young boys dream off playing major league baseball. Lucky I was a very good player and had scouts watch me play. I got have through playing baseball but never finished the dream. Tore my knee and baseball was over. Sounds bad but the best thing happened. I met my wife who is also spanish but was a citizen. We married and have two beautiful children. Plenty of work have and I coach little league baseball. I love the game and kid’s faces that play. No matter where you are dream big. Do not let things stop you because something even better can be next in your life. Before the baseball games everyone sings God Bless America. It always gave me a special feeling and still does.

Miguel S
New York , New York
I was born in a small island of Filipines. Many people grow up wanting to come to the United States. My island beautiful but no work and guerrillas make it hard. I have six brother and sister. Have to help family and get job on cruise ship. Long hours and hard work. No time to spend money so I send it home. I meet Taiwan lady and we become friends. In end we marry. First live in Australia then get business visa to come to United States. Business small and we work hard make some money. Her family ok. My family need money. I send home so they go to school. Try for a better future. Home people think money here is easy. Food expensive here. House expensive too. My heart in Filipines. My life is here. United States now home. A great, great country and place. Wife had business visa and immigration not problem for us. We work hard pay taxes. Our children will be Americans and their children also. I want to hear other stories. Maybe like mine or much worse. Never give up and good luck for everyone.

Los Angeles , CA
Dear PTLIA: My wife and me are from Chile. We had a good life there. Land, family and money in the bank. After our wedding we decided to take a vacation to the United States. Getting a tourist visa was no problem because of our position. After we stayed in America for 2 months my wife and me came to the decision that we wanted to start our family here. America would offer abetter future for the children we were planning to have. I have been here 17 years and my wife and me have had 2 children that were born in this country. I love this country and this is the only country my children have ever seen with their eyes. They are America. When we came to America things were different. The government gave me a social security card. I have worked in America all these years. In fact every year the department of Social Security sends me a notice to tell me how much I have paid over the years. Over all these years Social Security has taken more than $ 25,000.00 of the money I earned. I also have paid my federal and state taxes every year. I have paid all my dues but I still have one problem. I am not yet a legal citizen of this great country. I live in fear. What happen if police stop me? Will my family ever see me again? There must be some way for people like me. We are many. I want to remain in good standing with the law. How do I now get my driver’s license. I do not want to do things against the law. I have no answer after 17 years working. May god help us all and bless this United States.

Mr. J
San Antonio , Texas
My family came to the USA after the Soviet Union fell. Many people from Eastern block countries came to Chicago. I am now American citizen. I can only saw that people here do not know freedom because they have never had it taken from them.

Elana J.
Chicago , IL
sono nato a pignataro maggiore il 5/1/36 ed ivi residente

pignataro maggiore , caserta

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