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Language Schools


The best way to improve life for you and your family is to learn basic English skills. Private language schools are independently owned businesses that are not part of a government agency. Their primary purpose is to teach you practical language experience rather than academics. Private language schools offer a classroom, materials and qualified teachers to help you with your studies. If you feel comfortable in this type of traditional educational environment, attending a private language school may be the best way to learn the English language. Start learning English today to help build a better tomorrow...


Choosing a Language School


Tuition - Before choosing or applying to a language school, you must find out whether there are additional costs other than tuition. Additional costs could be application fees, processing fees, etc. Does the school supply textbooks or do you have to purchase them? Will you need a computer, equipment or any additional supplies? Does the school have video equipment, television, a library or offer onsite childcare?
Financial Aid - Does the school offer its own aid program or will it help you obtain money for tuition?
How long has the school been in existence?
How many students currently attend the school? How many students have graduated and what percentage of students who enroll in classes graduate?

Is the school accredited? Accredited means that the school maintains certain standards that are acceptable to governing bodies in their field. A school may be accepted by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) or the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).

• Do the school teachers belong to NAFSA or TESOL?

What experience or qualifications do the teachers or instructors have? Do the teachers have a college degree in ESL (English as a Second Language)? Check the school’s literature and Website to see teachers' credentials.

Ask the school to give you an outline of what will be taught in class. If the school cannot do this you may want to consider another school.

How many students are in a class and is there a limit to the number of students in a class. More students means the teacher will have less time to spend with you. Remember that if classes are too small, you don’t have the chance to learn from other people’s mistakes. If you are shy and afraid to make mistakes in front of other students you may do better in a larger class.

Find out how many hours of classroom you will receive. Ask how long is each class and how many classes are in the course.

Ask the school how lessons are taught. Will the teacher use videos, music, lectures, etc. and does the school focus on spoken or written language?

• Will students in a class all speak the same language, or will the class be made up of students who speak many different languages?

How does the school determine your language level by using oral or written tests? Multiple choice tests are not a good way to find out what language level you have attained.

Are classes made up of students at similar language levels?

• Do the school programs suit your language needs level?



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Tape or CD-based language courses are another way to learn English. This type of language study may suit your needs if you do not have the money to attend a private language school or have no transportation. This method of learning allows you to study in your own home and only requires you to own a tape or CD player. If you want to learn English from tapes or CDs, you must be very dedicated and have tremendous self-discipline. Home study programs on tape or CD do not provide you with any type of degree or provide you with help from an experienced teacher.


Government-sponsored language classes are different in every part of the country. To find out about classes in your area, consult your local telephone book, church groups, cultural centers and other organizations in your area.



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