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 Telephone Services


For most people, choosing the telephone service that is best for them can be a difficult and expensive decision. In the past, you only had the option of using a tradition phone company that used physical telephone wires to connect your call. Today there are many telecom companies that use different technologies to process you phone call. To determine which type of phone service best satisfies your needs you must identify what you specifically want from your telephone provider. Things to consider include price, quality of service, required equipment , mobility, calling habits and locations or countries you frequently call.



Traditional Phone Services


Reliability - almost never have a bad connection or dropped call, rarely have sound quality issues, drop-out of voice, echoing of voice, usually works during power outages (unless you have a cordless phone) and is easy to use.
• Do not rely on the quality, speed or reliability of your internet service provider, internet connection, personal computer or other equipment.

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Prepaid Phone Cards


Convenient - cards can be used almost anywhere and do not require you to have a telephone or your own telephone number.
Mobility - easy access is good for travelers or migrant individuals.
Benefits - allows you to enjoy many of the advantages of a traditional phone service.

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VoIP Telephone Service


VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone service uses a high speed internet connection in a way that allows you to make low cost calls.
• If you want to make VoIP calls you must have an Internet Service Provider (ISP), high speed internet connection (DSL, cable, broadband, fast access), a computer, electric, a basic phone line (some companies offer DSL without basic phone service) and possibly an adapter.
• Your computer and your high speed internet connection must be turned on in order to make VoIP calls if your service requires you to use a computer.

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