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** Important update. Pedro Zapeta returned to Guatemala on Jan 20th 2008. His attorney, Robert Gershman will be presenting oral arguements on Mr. Zapeta's behalf on March 14th before the Federal Appellate Court. Please show your support.**


Petition Supporting Pedro Zapeta


The United States District Court has seized $49,000 from undocumented immigrant Pedro Zapeta. While attempting to leave the United States and voluntarily deporting himself, customs agents confiscated $59,000 from Pedro Zapeta at Ft. Lauderdale airport. Mr. Zapeta accumulated this money by living a frugal lifestyle and working as a dishwasher for nine years.


Federal law requires travelers leaving the United States with more than $10,000 to complete forms stating the amount they are carrying. Pedro Zapeta's ignorance of this law can not be excused but the punishment is disproportionate to his inadvertant crime.


If you wish to make a financial contribution to Pedro Zapeta's cause, donations can be made by contacting his pro bono attorney Robert Gershman at:


Please add your name to the petition below. PTLIA will forward the results to the apporpriate parties involved.


Please encourage others to visit and show their support for Pedro Zapeta.


The following individuals encourage the United States District Court to return to Pedro Zapeta, money seized by customs agents from Pedro Zapeta. We also support attorney Robert Gershman's request to fine Pedro Zapeta 10% of the confiscated funds.


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