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In this Section, PTLIA.COM lets you voice your opinion about our editorials, immigration-related news or current events. If you send us your opinion we cannot guarantee that it will appear on our Website. Sorry, but we receive so many that we cannot show them all. Opinions that contain foul language, racism or anything that we feel is offensive will not be put on our website. Remember that the opinions on this Web page are the opinions of our readers and not the opinions of PTLIA.COM. We know you enjoy what people like you have to say, and hope you join them in sharing your opinion with everyone.



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I think your last editorial about immigration marches is wrong. If you think organizing a march is so easy, why don't you do it yourself?


Juan V.

Los Angeles, California


How will anything change without marches. We can't just do nothing. Would changing the reason for the marches really help?



Chicago, Illinois


I am a legal immigrant. I know it is very hard to become a legal immigrant today. People see me and think that I am illegal. I am proud to live in America and proud to be an American citizen. I agree with you that marches should say that we love this country and are happy to be here. If politicians read your story I hope they think about it.


Carlos Q.

New York, New York


I hate being illegal. I feel like I am always hiding and afraid. I do not trust anyone. I do not trust politicians. I think I am alone.


Maria A.



We are afraid to speak up. If I could, whom would I speak to?. We have no real leader to speak for us. Too many leaders to choose from. Who is the boss. We need a face. Thank you.


Giselle S.

Miami, Florida


I came to your Website by accident thinking it was something else. After reading the information and editorials I have come to a different opinion about immigration reform. Your idea about changing the idea behind the protests is excellent. Most people don't like to feel that anything is being forced down their throats. Making the average person feel that the message of the immigration marches is about American pride would make everyone more comfortable with immigration reform.


Daniel C.

Buffalo, New York


I am an African American. Immigrants must remember that it took us years to gain equal rights. Immigrants should be patiente. Change does not happen overnight.


Byron L.



Do Italians and Germans live in mexico?





You are right. I live in a small village. I am the only immigrant here. People are nice to me. Ask what I think. Ask about my country. I hope people know more immigrants. We are happy here. Maybe they like us better.



Small place in middle of America


I speak English very well and am waiting for my papers. I think the marches don't help me. I like your idea about marching for a different reason. Good luck to you. I will tell my friends about your Website.



South Carolina

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